Hellway. A Top-Down shooter currently in development. Fight your way though hordes of cute bunnies terrifying monsters!

Space Evader. Simple game where the player needs to evade lasers shot by an alien mothership.

Laserz. A multiplayer (1-8 players) platformer game. Kill other players with lasers!

Curse of Undeath. A sidescrolling game where the player is a skeleton that's been transported a long way from his grave, and all he wants to do is to go back home.

Break the Ice. Shoot floating words to form a sentence.

Bouncer. A sidescroller game where the player needs to bounce a ball in order to survive.

Sword in the Sand. A singleplayer RPG game. The player has a special sword and cloak, wakes up in the middle of the desert.

dm_q3dm6. Quake 3 map, q3dm6, remade from scratch in Source SDK.