Hellway is a Top-Down shooter which was inspired by this video by Alexey Shasherin. After watching the video I said to myself: “that’s something I want to create, and probably could be able to!”. While I’m not at the same level of features as Alexey’s video (yet), I find that I am able to create the features I want to have in a game.

Some of my goals for Hellway are:

  • That I have a singleplayer and multiplayer with CO-OP and PvP features.
  • That the game is fun & interesting.
    • Learn what makes a game fun. Even though I play a lot of games, I’ve never created one myself.
  • I keep adding features that I find interesting to tackle.
  • Add a lot of weapons because weapons are fun (and helps me build a robust weapon system)!

I usually don’t record videos of me playing games, but I’ve started doing more videos for this project. You can find my progress videos of Hellway on Youtube here.

I’ve also created a subreddit for the game here: reddit.com/r/hellway - where I want to post updates when I get furthur along the development of Hellway!