Looks pretty huh?

Tiny LOREM text everywhere. I could have sworn it looked good at the time!

I was playing a lot of Starcraft 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at the time (hence the images). I liked DICE’s soldier image and based the website of off the colors (white, dark-gray and orange).

There lots of things I wanted to include in this version: Login, polls, blog, portfolio, downloads, forum, search, twitter-type of message, a shoutbox and resources (images, other files, etc).

I actually like how the whole website is put together, excluding the lots of small text. The logo is one of many (you can find all versions of it in the source code). I was trying to find a good slogan.

The thing I like the most is probably the black banner-like with the latest portfolio entries in.

  • Created: 2010-05-20
  • Released: Not released
  • Client: Myself
  • Status: Never completed
  • Build with: Websites, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP