My version of an encounter tracker, based on the 5th Edition Combat Tracker made by Neskatomonin [Source].

This version includes the following:


  • Change font to Segoe UI.
  • Added a “Version” field (read only; updated only by me for each new version) which uses SemVer.
  • Less “Initiative” fields, now only counting from 1-10.
  • “Notes” field are much bigger.
  • “Campaign Name”-field.
  • Added date fields:
    • “Date Created”, a field you could fill in when you created the encounter (could be cool to have if you want to look through your previous encounters a few years from now).
    • “Date Played”, a field when you used/played the encounter in your campaign.
  • Automatic calculation of monster modifiers.
  • Added “Alignment” dropdown-list.
  • Changed art for “Initiative” and “Notes” fields. (Adobe Acrobat ain’t easy to work with. There’s no way of aligning art with other art other than using eye measurements, I would rather use Photoshop).


  • Correctly named every field to ensure no duplicate data.
  • Changed many fields’ size to better fit the new font (and easier to read).