• Races added from Player’s Companion: Arakocra, Deep Gnome, Genasi (Air, Earth, Fire and Water) and Goliath.
  • “Spellcasting Ability”, “Spell Save DC” and “Spell Attack Bonus” on the first page (under Hit Points).
  • Changed font to Segoe UI.


  • Corrected tab order of “Player & Character Names”-fields.
  • All spell field names and tab order (it took a while zzZZzz…).
  • “XP”-field is now a numbers-only field that has separators (commas).
  • Re-enabled “Inspiration” field (was read-only).
  • Changed layout of Maximum/Temporary/Current HP into small squares (I find it just a bit better to keep track of).
  • Cleaned up Abilities (Athletics, Acrobatics, etc) checkboxes and text. Now much neater. Neat!