Character inventory: v1.0.0


  • First iteration of player inventory.
  • Male and female versions included.
  • Included inventory slots:
    • Head: Circlets, crowns, hats, headbands, helmets.
    • Face: Goggles, visors, lenses, masks, third eyes.
    • Neck: Amulets, badgets, medallions, pendants, scarfs.
    • Shoulders: Capes, cloaks, mantles, shawls.
    • Body: Armor, robes.
    • Torso: Shirts, tunics, vests, vestments.
    • Arms: Armbands, bracelets, bracers.
    • Hands: Gauntlets, gloves.
    • Waist: Belts, girdles, sashes.
    • Legs: Greaves, cuisses, tassets.
    • Feet: Boots, sandals, shoes, slippers.
    • Weapons: Weapons, Staffs, Rods, Wands, Shields.
    • Rings (left hand).
    • Rings (right hand).
  • Sources