His village, Barak-dun, within the tall mountains was attacked when he was young. During the attack a crack in the mountain arose and guided the young dwarf through darkness and suffering.

Escaping the attack by the guidance of the divine, it was the first time the dwarf had seen the outside world with his own eyes. After coming to his senses he felt the ground shaking and looked around, it was an army of humans that had come to help fend off the attack.

A very few of his clan survived the attack and were granted help and homes in the human’s cities or were offered homes in other dwarven cities. The general (who was a paladin) noticed the young dwarf and took him under his wing and trained him to be a paladin, as the general sensed it was the divine that had guided the young dwarf out of the mountain.

After a couple of years of training, the dwarf knew how wield the righteousness as his weapon and shield. Seeking to destroy all evil and help those in need.